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Software development

Software workshop

Development of graphical desktop applications, as well as applications for embedded devices and special components.

Platform-independent applications in C/C++ with Qt™.<

We create professional desktop applications for most popular platforms, processors, programming languages, databases, operating systems and microcontrollers. Here we rely on Qt zur Bereitstellung von professionellen und plattformspezifischen natürlichen Aussehen und Verhalten.

  • Linux/Unix
  • Windows
  • Apple MAC
  • Android
  • IOS
  • etc.

Applications with client/server functionality in multi-user mode.

Beyond the regular desktop applications, we offer the possibility of applications to connect to existing systems, such as enterprise ERP. Also client/server model new developments in networked multi-user and database operation, belong to our portfolio.

Client/Server applications <

Server Software/Services:

Development of multiuser, network- & internet-enabled server applications with common programming languages, e.g:
C/C++, Javascript, Python,etc.
We use common standards in the choice of protocols such as e.g:
REST, JSON, MQTT, Websockets,u.a. ,
so that your application meets today's requirements in terms of extensibility, such as a connection to a web presence.

Client software/interfaces:

Deployment and realization of client applications, for use to existing ERP systems such as:
SAP Business One – SAP/HANA
Navisionen Financials
for extension and / or special solutions that your ERP does not map.
Development of data interfaces for exchange between your ERP, or other data sources and / or web applications.


The databases are the basis for a functional application. The structuring, optimization, exchange of data between different database systems, as well as through different software solutions in the use of a company, is a challenge and often prevent a good workflow due to missing interfaces between each other.

Database Development

We create database concepts, reorganize and restructure your data, generate interfaces for exchange between different database systems and applications, or e.g. web applications. Also data porting import & export of data from old or foreign systems. Realization of high availability and replication with load balanced databases.

Supported Databases:

  • MS/SQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • SAP / Hana
  • MongoDB,Redis,CouchDB
  • various others

IOT & Embedded Devices

Development of application of various processors, microcontrollers, devices for automation from the "Internet of things" spectrum.

IOT & Embedded Devices<

Since in today's reality, even the washing machine wants to communicate with us. We are happy to create with you the right connection to your devices and machines, in use. Here we can access a range of platforms to accomplish this.

Embedded Plattformen und Mikrocontroller:

  • RaspberryPI
  • ATMega
  • EspressIf
  • stm32
  • various others

Web Development

Design and deployment of web applications or connection to existing web projects.

Web Development<

We plan and realize internet presences for your company or extend your existing internet presence with specific connections to various data sources or services. For this we also use common environments in the web development industry like:

  • WordPress
  • Magento
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • various others


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